6 months or 12 months fixed term?

Hi there,

I have agreed to some tenants moving in and gave them a good deal.

We haven’t signed the contract yet but what I realise I didn’t say to them is how much my flat went for until recently (1300pcm) and how much I have given it to them for based on the current situation (1175pcm). My aim would be to get it back to how things were when COVID has calmed down and I would like to start by upping the rent £25 pcm after 6 months and then reviewing the situation in a year.

As we are about to sign I feel uncomfortable saying this now (even though it might be totally fine), so should I just go for a 6 month fixed term to see how it goes and up the rate then or just talk it all through now as we haven’t actually signed the contract yet?

Any thoughts most appreciated.

Many thanks.

I never give more than 6 months initial terms regardless. S21 notice times are already long enough without having to wait a year until you can even serve one.


David122 probably has the best idea but if you did go for a years contract, I believe the contract would have to say in it you were upping the rent after 6 months as it’s not otherwise usually accepted to increase it more than once a year.

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Ok thanks all. I have gone for a 6 month contract which seems like the best option for now. Am I right in thinking if I wanted to up the rent (by a small increment, not much) I am able to do this via written agreement once the fixed term is over correct? Many thanks.

Would you be issuing a new fixed term AST or would you go into a periodic?

For a new AST you could agree a new rent and it would be stated.

If going onto a periodic it’s my understanding it would be a year before it would be acceptable to increase it as it’s still the same contract - but I could be wrong. Would guess if the tenants agreed to any increase at any time then there’s no problem but obviously check.

When issuing your AST you might want to think about whether you want to state in it when rents will be reviewed and increased and by how much.

If not stated, then you have to issue a Section 13 which generally can’t be issued more than once a year.

The Section 13 has to give a clear months notice of any increase and the tenants have the right to refer it to a First Tier Review Tribunal if they don’t agree.