Fixed term tenancy ending- can I increase the rent on new contract?

Hi all here.
My tenant’s contract ends mid August. He wants a new one and insists on not going on rolling contract.
I need to increase the rent (not done in 2 years).
The current contract does not contain a clause regarding rent increases.
It’s just under a month until current agreement ends. How can I approach this in the correct manner?
Thanks for any advice you can give.

If a completely new contract is going to be put in place, surely the old/previous contract should have no bearing on the new one? Therefore, you should be free to draw up a new tenancy agreement with the new rental figure in it.
But perhaps I’ve misunderstood your question. Have you discussed the rent increase with the tenant, and are they agreeable?

Thanks for reply.
No I was just about to send them an email regarding increase in next 2 months and rather slackly I hadn’t noticed that the tenancy was so close to it’s end. I guess as you’ve mentioned I can draw up new tenancy with an increase in rent. I’ve looked on GOV website and it pretty much states this:
" For a fixed-term tenancy (running for a set period) your landlord can only increase the rent if you agree. If you do not agree, the rent can only be increased when the fixed term ends."

BTW could I insist that the tenancy goes into rolling contract and not draw up a new tenancy agreement? (He’s very keen not to go into periodic for some reason)
Then I can give him the 2 months notice after the agreement has finished I guess?

personally I think your tenant knows his circumstances well and is honest about it which is a very good sign. Agree with what ever increase u propose for a fixed term AST, I find that periodic tenancies are only to benefit more of tenant rights, but opinions differ.

Yes you can insist on the tenancy going periodic and I would if I were you. You can then either agree the rent increase informally or serve a s13 notice.

I wonder why the tenant wants a new agreement. You havent made a mistake with the deposit have you? Anyway, I always insist on the tenancy going periodic after 6 months.

Thanks for the great info guys. Either way seems to work out well. Going to sit on it for a bit before I decide me thinks.