8m Rent arrears. Boiler issue

My tenant has not paid rent in over 8months
She owes me thousands. Court date for possession is the end of Feb. She’s ignored all my letters & court letter
Today her boiler broke & all of a sudden she contacts me after months of being ignored (obviously because she wants me to sort it out)
Do I still have a legal obligation to pay for an emergency gas engineer to attend (seen as though it’s out of hours Saturday night)
& fix the boiler
I’m so annoyed that she has no intention to pay her debts & ignores me but as soon as she wants something she contacts me & expects me to drop everything (with no mention of her rent arrears which she is aware of)

monday will be the soonest tell her

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Yea tell her you are working on it. If you are afraid get electric FAN heater £15 , get two.

It means she can’t hold it against you that you didn’t provide heating.

Give her cheap fan and say you are speaking with heating engineer and haven’t been given appointment


You do have to fix the boiler I’m afraid and its in your interest as you don’t want her coming up with any disrepair claims at the court hearing.

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