Boiler issue cause by the tenant

I installed a new gas boiler in a property in March this year. The engineer who completed the work signed this off with a safety certificate. However I have had to call him out 3 times so far due to issues he says is being caused by the tenant. The tenant is adamant that they do not touch the boiler, but the engineer says they are messing with it. I advised the tenant of this and that further issues with the boiler would incur a call out fee which I would be charging back to her. The tenant is refusing to pay for any call out fees and today has informed me that she wants to call out an emergency engineer at a hire cost and expects me to pay. What rights do I have here, can I refuse to pay and how can I prove that the issues are due to her meddling with the boiler?

did the engineer say how it was messed up and do you have all this in a report ?

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You need a report from your engineer detailing (with photos) exactly how he knows the tenant has fiddled with the boiler

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Can you give notice?

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Is it resolved? Ive read it and want to ask, who are they… is it one tenant or more?. What are the symptoms? Unless a lot of damage is being done, how do you ‘mess’ with a boiler?. Is it the boiler? a leak in the external pipework will shut it down.

I suspect the ‘engineer’