90% of listings start with "We are proud to offer this delightful room." Are these trustworthy?

Obviously seems super suspicious at the moment as there’s so many rental scams going on as people are desperate. Is this some sort of Auto-Fill provided by OpenRent or is everyone copypasting the same form from google or something?

When you advertise a property, OpenRent offers to automatically generate a description based on the attributes of the property. It always starts “We are proud to offer this delightful…”. It’s just landlords relying on that auto description rather than creating their own. If it is a very short description with not much detail, then it’s probably just been completly auto generated. If that’s the case, my personal opinion would be that the landlord is just putting in the bare minimal effort to advertise, and would be a bit hesitant to have them being responsible for far more complex or important things, like a place I want to live. But that’s just my personal opinion.

LL have to verify their ownership of the property to get on the main advertising portal. What scams are we talking about?

I would agree with you, it looks super dodgy

Not specifically on Openrent but deposit scamming is absolutely rife in London, I have had two mates stung by it in the last few months

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