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A Tenant Guide to Inventories and Check-ins

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When you move into a new rented property, one of the first bits of life admin you will have to deal with is the inventory.  But most tenants are not actually sure what an inventory is or what it’s meant to do. I see a lot of questions from tenants about this, like:  Do you…

We signed the contract on 18th august 2018 which mentions the inventory fee of 150 pounds. Our tenancy ends on 17th August 2019 and as per new tenancy act landlords cannot charge for inventory check, my question is as we have signed the contract which states we have to pay the inventory check cost, are we still liable to pay it?

Hi Kiran, yes if the fee is in a tenancy agreement signed before 1st June 2019, and is due to be paid before 1st June 2020, then it can still be charged (unfortunately).