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Check out and then Check in Inventory


Hello there All,
I have tenants leaving and a new one joining in the same week.
My current tenants have booked the end of tenancy Inventory. Does this mean I then need to pay for another Inventory for the new tenant? or can I use the one that current Tenants have paid for?
It seems silly to have two Inventories back to back within a day or so.
Not sure where I stand on this one.
Any advice welcomed


Hi Alicia,

It sounds like your departing tenant has booked a Check-out report, which is conducted at the end of a tenancy.

The Check-out inspection only notes items identified as being in a different condition to that recorded in the ingoing Inventory.

As often the exit condition of the property is not up to the standard you would want for the new tenancy, we advise allowing some time to fix any issues and having a new Inventory created.

It’s important to have a new Inventory carried out because this creates a full record of the condition of the property at the start of the new tenancy. That document also gives you and the incoming tenant an opportunity to sign and agree to the condition of the property - which isn’t something the Check-out report accommodates.