Ad paused but still receiving enquiries

I’ve paused my ad but I’m still receiving new enquiries. I’ve re-checked and it’s definitely paused and is definitely new enquiries, not prospective tenants that I’ve not yet replied to.

Hi @Pauline,

We have some guidance on this here:

I’ve taken a look at your latest enquiries to check this is all working, and we can see your most recent enquiry (Karim) actually showed interest in your property originally on the 13th May (before you paused the advert). However, they only just filled in the pre-screening questions today, and so the enquiry was then passed through when that was completed.

I hope that’s clear, and where you have a very popular property that’s advertised only briefly, then it’s likely a few enquiries will come through after you pause your advert. Yours generated 50+ enquiries in the first 24 hours, and so all the partial enquiries will continue to be processed which in your case was a fair number!

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