Pausing my listing

If I pause my listing can I re list later for free?

Hi @Dave22

Yes you can!

Simply go to your OpenRent listing and select ‘Pause / Stop Advert’. You will then see an orange ‘Pause My Advert’ button. Once you select this, we will then stop showing your advert to potential new tenants. There is a 3-6 hour update time for this change to take effect.

Please bear in mind that pausing an advert does not suspend any advertising time limit (3 months for paid adverts or 5 days for free trials)

Once you have found a tenant for your property, just ask them to apply using the ‘Rent Now’ button on your OpenRent listing page - this remains available even when the listing is paused. Alternatively you can take the listing offline if you are setting up the tenancy directly.

Ok, Thanks Beth.

Didn’t realise there was a 3 month advertising paid time limit? So do
I have to pay again if the property is not let?


Hi @Dave22

It is very unusual for any property to remain unlet for three months. At the moment, on average, properties let in under a week due to high tenant demand.

If your property looks like it might reach the three month limit we will reach out to you directly to discuss your options, but as I said, it’s very unlikely that that will happen.

In the meantime, good luck in finding a new tenant!

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