Add a clause to tenancy agreement

Hello, I’m a soon to be new landlord and feeling a bit overwhelmed and scared by it all! Could someone let me know if it is possible to add clauses to the tenancy agreement, like no smoking or pets?


yes add whatever you wish its your place

How it is phased is important as ‘no pets allowed’ could be challenged as an unfair contract point. Pets considered, with written authorisation from the landlord obtained and agreed… That then may allow a goldfish at your discretion , but not an Alsatian.

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How do you add clauses?

We’ve written a guide, here.

Here’s my clause in regard to pets. It would suit a landlord who, basically, isn’t keen.
Pets are potentially a damned nuisance - as are their typically defensive, argumentative owners when you draw attention to their pet’s damage- thus I prefer not to allow them but, at least, have a contractual control over events, including mid-tenancy.
Who needs the hassle? It’s a money loser rather than a money spinner… every time.

Also, having accepted an animal, such as a dog that scratches at glass doors to get out and back in… Good luck with your argument that you should not have anticipated that as fair wear and tear… given you agreed to an animal in the first place. Its what dogs do, isn’t it?
As I said… who needs it?
Ever heard of a dog that enhances a property’s condition?

If anyone thinks my effort ‘works’ for them, go ahead and plageurise it, or tweak as you see fit.
It sometimes raises a smile as I read through the (entire) AST with signing tenants but…
clear enough, isn’t it?!

… " Not to keep or allow to visit in or on the Property any animals, including reptiles, insects, rodents and birds without the prior and ‘creature-specific’ written permission of the Landlord, which will not be unreasonably withheld but may be time-limited. Any such permission would likely be subject to an additional ‘animal deposit’ and other conditions. (Attention is drawn that this contract has been signed with this clause highlighted and is reasonably offered as a ‘no pets property.’)

This goes some way to mitigating against signing with people who, for example, have pets but, conveniently, don’t move them in until they’re in themselves.


I believe you can add as long as , it does not contradict the legislation. ie… you can not add a term asking tenants to vacate with 1 month notice, the law says 2 month notice.

Sadly you can’t charge extra deposit now, so you just have to up the rent to cover the risk.

Last I heard, it was now a measly £35 as chargeable. But, either way, easier option is just as you suggest.

Hi Steallaod

Welcome aboard your new journey.

Yes, you can. Standard contracts on Openrent already restrict pets, smoking, painting on walls, etc. so nothing to worry. You can add extra clause like end of tenancy cleaning requirement at tenants cost, etc.

Do make sure you register with HMRC as your rental income will be taxable. If you fall foul, it will cost you lot more in fines and penalties.

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Have looked into this in more detail. Tony is in fact quite correct. I was misinformed and didn’t do my usual diligence checks.
Take a higher rent!