Adding Pets to existing tenancy?

Current tenants have been in almost one year. They have asked if they can add a house trained 3 yr old dog onto the current ‘no pets’ ASTA from the Openrent ‘Rent Now’. The tenants are very reliable and keep the place spotless. No issues so far at all.

If I agree to the addition of a pet I’m considering asking them to sign a new ASTA with initial 6 month term. Is this the right way to go and if you were in a similar situation would you do the same?

Also is the process to do this simple enough on Openrent?

Thank you.

Hi. Yes, I think it is perfectly reasonable to ask for a commitment from tenants. Personally I’d ask for 12 months if you are happy with that. Allowing pets normally results in longer tenancies and I do allow them but don’t think it is worth the risk for shorter term agreements.

Renewing an existing fixed term ast is easy on open rent. Not gone from periodic to fixed term before but assume it should be easy.

Thanks for the reply. I’ll take a look to see if it’s possible to start a new periodic then. I agree a new 12 month fixed term seems appropriate (the original was 6 months with no pets).

Has anyone else any thoughts?


If your property is leasehold, I’d check the lease for any clauses regards the keeping of animals in the property. These will apply to you tenancy agreement too. The majority of private blocks with leasehold flats expressly prohibit the keeping of animals without the freeholder’s permission. Anecdotally, this is very rarely given (exceptions for guide dogs?). Not sure about freeholds though. There could be restrictive covenants if part of a new(er) build development?

Hi I am presently looking for a property to rent in Scarborough.
My problem is I have 3 well behaved house cats .

Why don’t landlords rent with other flooring options ,personally I would be happy with that as well as paying a non refundable pet deposit to give the landlord some reassurance that they will not be out of pocket and they feel I am worth the risk.

Why when there are so many people with pets trying to rent dont the powers that be look at this problem from a different perspective.
I let a property years ago and no pets but what a mess I still get angry when I think about it. It’s the people not the pets .
My carpets are regularly shampoo cleaned hoovered etc and repairs made when required.

I am not being critical, and I’m sure someone will correct me if necessary homes for pets should be more durable though that doesn’t mean inpleasent.,enough said thanks for taking the time to read this
PS if you’re a Scarborough Landlord I’m looking for a 2 bed property .
Kind Regards

You have said it< its the people not the pets> but we are renting to people not the pets… What flooring options do you suggest ,if there is a messy pet owner then carpet, bare boards , vinyl or laminate will not make any difference. It will still stain and smell.

Hi Colin Yes you are right all options are open to damage etc .
As I am a clean up and disinfect kinda girl I have never had tiles floors or laminate damaged but there must be an option personally I would put down an industrial hard wearing tile or laminate type even wooden floors as they can be sanded and resurfaced, stained and varnished.
As a person looking to rent myself I would bemore than happy to have carpet replaced with something more durable with full agreement from the landlord ofcourse, replaced at my expense I guess all tenants wouldn’t be it’s a really problem. Perhaps home visits before letting would tell the tale. Kind regards Alayne

I had forgotten about tiles as an option


I think we get so stuck on the problem we sometimes just dont see the options

I think tiles are a great option it would make a Landlords a life a lot easier knowing a good clean should restore the floor. Hopefully pet friendly could have a new aspiration

Hullo I put tiles down in one kitchen and the tenants drop the washing machine on it Broke several .It then takes a lot more to replace them and thats if. ,if they are still a current pattern Every floor covering has it problems . I now use vinyl as its quicker to replace

OH Mmm never dropped a washer myself ,but yes you’re probably right linoleum is probably the best option tenants can put Rugs down or they wish.

If tenants with pets tend to want long tenancies making homes as pet resistant as possible could be a good move
Good luck if you go for it Colin.