Adding a tenant to contract: his girlfriend's moving in

hi. Sorry if this has been asked already- I couldn’t find straightforward answers.

My decent (but occasionally financially erratic) tenant is getting his gf to move in, basically to help ensure regular full rent payment.

We have an AST in place, which I just cc’d from Openrent- we didn’t do the tenancy through the site.
I want to add her name to the contract, and also ensure I fulfil my landlord insurance needs.
Can you advise way forwards please?

Unless your insurance doesnt allow it, I would suggest you just make her a permitted occupier and not alter the tenancy agreement. Any financial arrangement between them is then their business, but you could only accept rent from him.

Even with the best of intentions, relationships are not always permanent and if they become joint tenants, they will be financially entangled, responsible for each others rent and your tenant may lose his home.

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that’s v helpful- thanks.

Can I just google ‘permitted occupier’ and straightforwardly add it to the contract?

You cant just add it to the contract. What you can do is either give the permission verbally, (to the tenant), or write him a letting giving him permission for her to reside in the property at his discretion for the duration of the tenancy or his occupation of the property, whichever is shorter.

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