Adding tenants after contract is signed

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I am renting my flat to a couple, and about to sign the contract with them. The couple will be joined by another couple shortly (I don’t have their details as they are not finalized yet).

I want to go ahead and sign the contract with the 1st couple , and when the other tenants are found, I will amend the contract to include them in the rental agreement.

Does anyone how I can amend the contract once it’s signed? Can it be done through Openrent?


You cant amend a contract that is already in force in that way. Your options are either to create a whole new tenancy, (not recommended) or let on a room only basis, (also not recommended) or agree with the later people that they will be named Petmitted Occupiers on the original contract, rather than tenants.

If the two couples are not related, the property will become a House in Multiple Occupation, (HMO) when they join. It will be subject to the full HMO Management Regulations and if the local Council requires it, you will need a licence. You should also check whether your insurance and if applicable your lease will allow HMOs. Also make sure the are no Article 4 directives in place locally requiring planning permission for the property to become an HMO, (which would likely be refused).


thanks David. I found this on my council’s website:

A HMO licence is required if all of the following apply:

  • It has five or more occupiers comprising two or more separate households, regardless of number of storeys
  • It is a house or self-contained flat but is not a purpose-built flat situated in a block comprising three or more self-contained flats
  • Some or all of the occupants share amenities such as bathrooms, toilets or cooking facilities
  • At least one of the occupants pays rent (or the accommodation is linked to their employment)
  • It is the occupiers’ main residence

Since I have only 4 People, don’t think I will need HMO license and be compliant to HMO specific regulations.


Regardless of whether you require a HMO License, your property will still be a HMO….

A house in multiple occupation ( HMO ) is a property rented out by at least 3 people who are not from 1 ‘household’ (for example a family) but share facilities like the bathroom and kitchen

Running a HMO involves far more regulation other than ‘maybe’ needing a licence, so If you havnt’ already looked into this, do so now before commiting to anything.

Re the contracts question, in my HMO, I sign a contract ‘per bedroom’ rather than a joint tenancy per house

To overcome the rise in costs sharing by 3 people may come back as a viable survival option and be supported by the government. I am interested to know how you manage yours for working people and how you charge. A bonus is accessibility to communal areas. Do you charge utilities as extra? Who pays the council tax?

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