Advice needed for Tenant

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My AST tenancy is due to end end of September and LL has not accepted periodic agreement as prefers to extend for another 12 months which is fine.

We have notified Letting Agent that we won’t extend for another 12 months as we prefer the flexibility of periodic agreement and LL has notified us to vacate the property by end of our AST (section 21)

We haven’t hand in the official notice yet as we are still searching and
Letting Agent is pressuring and advising the property will go on the market this week as they want to find new tenant to move in asap.

We obviously prefer them not to advertise the property yet as we are still unsure when we are able to vacate the property.

My question is, are they allow to advertise the property without current tenant handing the notice with date to vacate? Any suggestion would be much appreciated but my understanding is that property can only go on the market when tenants hand in their notice or if LL provides the eviction notice?

Please advise,

Thanks very much

they can advertise whenever they want But whether anyone can view is another matter

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Why not propose a maximum 3 months extension to give you sufficient time to look for an alternative accommodation.

If you have decided not to sign up to another 12months, then you’ve shown that you no longer require the property, so it’s only fair that you move on as quickly as possible so as not to disadvantage the LL. The LL has the right to determine the minimum term / commitment they want for their property.


As I understand things, even though your AST expires end of September your landlord still has to give you three months notice.

LL has right to know as this is full time job for them as like full time any other employment.
Tenants should understand the last two months are important for both LL and tenants to make decision how they wanted to proceed at the the end of tenancy and that why we have tenancy agreement.
Tenants should understand and make their decisions and not to disadvantage the LL.

It could be that the letting agent & landlord aren’t working from the same position. As a landlord, I’d appreciate direct contact so the situation can be discussed & to reach an agreement. Being practical, who cares if it’s you or a new tenant that pays? The money is the same colour. Any reasonable landlord would rather have a planned income & agreed viewings, therefore minimising the void period. Get your landlords address off your tenancy agreement, write to them & ask to have a chat about the situation. You’ll probably find they are more flexible than the agent is leading you to believe.

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