Ending Agreed tenacy early

Hi all have a good relationship with my landlord just get that out the way he has been brilliant, basically we have agreed a new two year agreement last July 2022 through a letting agent, The landlord turned up today march 2023 Without prior knowledge i may add and told us he will be ending this two year agreement early as he wants to sale the house now, Im more than happy to try and arrange something so he can do so but its going to be difficult in the timescale he wants, so i guess my question can he end us early for no other reason than selling the house ?

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He can’t end the tenancy until the end of the term unless you agree. You hold all the cards, so if you are willing to move on tell him it will need to be at your pace not his.

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Now I’m worried as the landlord has stopped communicating with us and now just says the letting agency will be coming around for a meeting!! now i have no idea whats going on ? Any ideas anyone ?

Firstly contact Shelter, you can phone them or use the chat function. They will explain your rights to you as a tenant.

Do you want to stay until the AST ends or have you decided that you would rather leave ?

If you are wanting to stay - It sounds like your landlord / letting agent are trying to bypass the legal process to ending a tenancy and steer you into surrendering the tenancy early yourself. Your landlord / letting agent cannot end the agreement early and they cannot end a tenancy. In brief, only you or a judge can end a tenancy. Remind the letting agent that your AST runs until July 2024. The LL / LA would need to wait until May 2024 to issue you with a section 21 to start the eviction process if the LL wanted to sell the property with vacant possession. The LL could sell the property with you (tenant) in situ and the new owner would become your landlord.

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Thank you all for the responses, me and my partner would like to stay until our agreement ends officially as we have a plan in place to be able to purchase a property ourselves in that time scale, kicking us out early really harms those plans but we may be able to speed things up a little quicker and move things on quicker for the landlord. I dont know what is actually going on, landlord turns up and states he wants to sell, tells us he has a meeting with the letting agent, and now wont talk and just states the top man in the letting agent will be contacting us for a meeting shortly. I will call shelter in the morning and ask some questions. If the landlord sold the property with us in it could the new landlord change any part the current agreements, for example they would no longer allow animals ?

The landlord/agent can’t kick you out before the agreement ends. Once it ends, the tenancy still continues as a periodic, (usually rolling monthly) tenancy too, so you can be there legally until you decide to give notice or the landlord obtains a court order to remove you.

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