Advice needed - tenant has CCJ but willing to pay upfront

Very Sad for anyone with an illness, but renting property is a business not charity.

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you are right about there going to be more homeless people. Many are regular with their rent but cannot get a mortgage of a similar sum of money > It is not fair


I understand about business. I had one at the time of my illness for many years.
However my point is that not everyone is a nightmare because they have a CCJ. In all honesty after reading the posts on here. I believe homelessness is going to continue rising at rapid rates in this country as well as poverty which is likely to end up having a knock on effect to the housing markets and renting eventually. It will boom for a while. Landlords will charge more and more and the country will end up with only wealthy people in homes. Average earners even though they have tried very hard in life or people that have experienced difficulties in life will be the ones living in poverty. Let’s hope you never experience any of them!

Yes and after the last 2 years more and more people will be getting into financial difficulties losing businesses getting CCJs or worse. It’s look very bleak. I am in my 40s and have many friends that have had to move back in with elderly parents even with children. In single parent homes. Eventually there will only be wealthy people that can rent properties from private landlords. I don’t think is far off that.

The problem is that most private landlords are average people who are one bad accident away from pretty serious financial issues. A landlord in here shared why she ended up with her own ccjs.

A bad tenant can really destroy your life. It can cost tens of thousands in damage and losses and take years to sort out. That’s not something your average family can afford.

When the cost is that high, it’s reasonable for people to protect themselves.

Personally I wish that people had to get a license to be a landlord so people had to have a certain amount of knowledge before they get into it.

do nt give the taxman any more ideas… license is tax in disguise


Are you suggesting we get rid of drivers licenses then?

I don’t like watching honest, well meaning people get so badly screwed over because they had no idea what they were getting into. Making some form of education mandatory before starting to be a landlord would help reduce that.

drivers with licenses and a certain amount of knowledge does not mean they are good drivers or will not make mistakes. Likewise a landlord with a license and a certain amount of knowledge will still make mistakes… Anyone who becomes a landlord without research and asking others advice is foolish and deserves all that results from their lack of foresight

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So you believe that if drivers education courses were not mandatory, if there were no minimum requirements to get behind the wheel of a vehicle, this would in no way impact the state of the roads?

I do not believe in anarchy. Society had a responsibility to protect each other. You practically need both a business and legal degree to understand the ins and outs of letting apartments, and there are certainly unscrupulous letting agents who will lie to potential landlords.

Our landlord right now is getting screwed over so hard by the letting agent. It’s her first time renting a property and I’m quite certain it was fairly unplanned after the death or decline of her parents. They’ve lied to her repeatedly, soured the water severely with us, and have messed up the lease and deposit so we could sue her for up to 10k.

Is it really fair to say that someone grieving and put into the stressful position of “sell your childhood home or become a landlord” deserves this? No.

Yes but my point is an old CCJ doesn’t make someone a bad tenant. You could have which I know of a friend on here that rents a property has had a solicitor who didn’t pay and ruined there property. It is all a risk when you do not know someone. I understand you can only do your best to mitigate that risk. However if someone like me.!! Has someone in a very respectable job and standing who is a family member that trusts me completely and willing to be my guarantor. As well as provide rent upfront. I would be able to provide excellent references from my employment whom are a charity. You also can provide references from teachers about you as a person I would believe that is also mitigating the risk. If someone provides there rent ahead of time or for the whole lease you have had all payments the risk on that factor is mitigatedS It’s then about whether or not the person will be trustworthy in your property and look after it. Surely again by gaining employment or personal references is mitigating that risk. I have rented in 11 years as I last with my partner who owned his property.

I don’t think you understand how much damage a person can do as a tenant. The risks aren’t mitigated with that.

Would you be okay with being forced to put your family’s financial future and emotional wellbeing at risk when you weren’t comfortable doing it? I wouldn’t be.

Look it isn’t fair, but it’s also not fair to expect individual families to take on tremendous risk they aren’t comfortable taking on.

Housing should not be so reliant on private landlords. Council housing should be more plentiful to take these risks on so people have the chance to pay off the ccj and get their life back together - without the risk to anyone else.

I sympathise with owners who end up with unscrupulous tenants who don’t keep their side of the deal. I personally am a renter. I have a great secure job 30k. I have never missed a rent payment and would rather starve than not pay the rent. Every landlord I have had has wanted me to stay. I respect the owners property and look after it like it was my own and treat neighbours with respect. Yet I have CCJs I’m paying. Does not make me a bad person. I need to move as current landlord wants to sell. My family and I are worried about being homeless as no one will take us despite great references and a garanture. We are not all bad people