One housemate failed referencing

Hey all,

Myself and my partner have just reserved a flat, I’ve passed the referencing (lead tenant) and my partner has failed due to a CCJ (paid off in 2018)

What are the chances we’ll be accepted by the landlord? Will he need a guarantor?

Based on my salary alone, I have passed the affordability amount alone - will this help?

The potential landlord may agree to just put you on the tenancy agreement or a guarantor may be asked for. That is what I would do. Unfortunately you may well have peed off the landlord by not disclosing the ccj upfront. Why didn’t you do that ?

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The CCJ is small (less than £500) and has been paid off. We didn’t get a chance to speak to the landlord about it before hand, we proceeded very quickly to secure the flat after viewing.

We’ve spoken to the landlord earlier and they are fine since it’s a small amount that’s been paid off :slight_smile:

Super happy! Was really worried we’d miss out on a great flat


There you go then. Sorted. It’s best to be upfront about anything that can make you fail a credit check though.


Just shows how a bad debt has the potential to bite back at you

I let to last tenants where he failed affordablility by £35. Deeply regret it now aa rent arrears and no insurance

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