I CCJ=Universal credit and guarantor

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New to this so advice wanted. Have a lady with two children, a CCJ and on universal credits. She has rented previously and has good reference from landlord. Bank statements tells me she lives with no surplus money in bank account, however she has always paid her rent. Her guarantor only earns around £337 weekly. Is it worth the uncertainty?

No. Sorry but no. Sad but you need to look after yourself. I’m home he’s & destitute right now because of tenants that Rentgaurd did not check properly!! Don’t do it


Please donot go with the landlord reference as I have seen
the tenants doing the fraud reference and also if there any issues the landlord is not going to give the character reference or guarantee for the future rent. Go with the
facts and think as a business.

If you gee the guarantor with home owner then it’s ok otherwise no point of going through stress and problems

Wish you all the best whatever decision you make.


do not do it . Take no notice of the landlord reference


You need to ask yourself whether the guarantor will be able to pay their own living expenses and also the tenants rent money as well (to you)


Ask yourself, if you had a “problem” tenant would you give them a bad reference? or would you give them a good reference so that they could move somewhere else. I think its very normal for someone on UC to live from month to month so that wouldn’t flag for me, but the guarantor would have to be a home owner and pass referencing before I would consider them - in this case the guarantors income is nowhere near enough for them to pass referencing.


Thank you for all your replies. Much appreciated.

Landlord references are like employer references. Nobody gives a bad reference to a bad employee as they want to get rid of them.


Definitely no. CCJ’s are the result of defaulting on someone else. They are there to protect the next “Victim”. Ignore them at your peril no matter how nice the tenant seems - it can go downhill very quickly.

Having had to take debtors to court, we bend over backwards giving them chances. When a CCJ is awarded it often (not always) represent many chances over a very long time (sometimes years) to settle, ignored.

A guarantor can help, but even then it can get nasty on another level when you approach them. Your Guarantor is also not enough to cover potential defaults.

It is really not worth it. Run away…


Its been said - a big no.

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