Advice new landlord: Pre-Screening Qs before Viewings

I can’t work out how to put set questions to people (e.g. do you have proof of income / can you obtain landlord references) prior to viewings. I got really stuck trying to understand how to do it on OpenRent.
Can anyone help?
Or is it not worth it?
Thank you :slight_smile:

Q1) Will you be willing to take a polygraph test?


Yes you can do it, there are screening questions, just look at the FAQ section of Openrent. The problem though is there are 2 sets of screening questions, one set determined by OR automatically and then you can also add your own. This is a source of confusion and often the ones you really want answered, i.e. yours, are not answered as they are viewed only after the tenant already completed the OR screening questions. You get the answers, review them, then decide who to invite to a viewing. In my case, out of 87 applicants, only 1 could answer the questions properly…and don’t get me started on voice messages.

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Voice messages bring the humour, they are worth it for that alone!

Thank you so much. Very helpful.

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