Advice on cold and noisy properrt

Hi all, I’m renting a small one bed flat above a shop which I thought was ideal as it’s detached. Working during the day mean I have minimal issues with noise from downstairs. At least that’s what I thought.

I’ve taken a couple of weeks leave, and daytime in here is hell. I can clearly hear people talking in the shop below, as well as machinery (like the till and coffee machine being operated). My walls and floor shake every time someone closes the door in the shop and its made me a nervous wreck. I’ve actually cancelled the rest of my leave and gone back to work, but now they’ve decided to open on Saturday and Sunday mornings too so there’s no escape from this.

On top of this, the double glazing appears to have gone. I thought it was the outside windows that were dirty, but it’s actually inside the seal. Im woken every morning by the sound of traffic passing. Strangely, I’ve sat in my car outside and it’s not as noisy traffic wise. Also, now it’s getting cold, I’ve got mad condensation on the inside of the windows as well. It’s murder trying to heat the flat and I’m already dreading my next gas bill which I estimate will be just over £100 for the month. I’ve had the heating set to 24 degrees, it’s been on for 6 hours and my bedroom temperature is 7 degrees. That’s how bad it is.

I’m renting this direct from a friend of a friend who recommended me (it’s the first time I’ve ever rented and I have been naieve). The double glazing was mentioned and I was told this would be getting sorted out as well as some other work needed), but there’s no sign of this happening.

On top of this, I’ve heard that I should have had my deposit protected (if it is I don’t know about it) and had an EPC and gas certificate, I’ve had none of these.

I took out a 1 year agreement in June but now I’m thinking I can’t wait to get out. I’m worried that if I raise these issues the landlord will just see me as being a nuisance.

Any suggestions welcome.

Hi Ray, sound ike quite a few serious issues with this property. I’d recommend getting in touch with Shelter, as they will be able to advise you on your specific situation and give you the help you need to get this sorted.


dont stand for it, go to the local council

The fact that things have not been done according to the law puts you in a strong position. If your deposit was not protected you are owed a multiple of it back. Hope you can get out of the agreement early at the very least as it sounds a nightmare, a Jekyll and Hyde flat!

Ask the landlord for assistance-?however it’s unlikely to change much with noise from the shop, put it all in writing keep a copy, then take advice from The CAB - you’ll probably find it didn’t let very well that’s why you found it through a friend- Good Luck.

Thanks all for the replies. Ive spoken to the LL who said she’ll get on with the repairs as soon as she can but I didn’t raise the other issues like deposit protection… Keeping my cards close etc.

Suzy1, the flat has always been occupied, I was told by friends and family I was lucky to be given 1st dibs when it came up again (it’s a nice area too) so I grabbed it. Since come to learn previous occupants were nutters and one who lived here for 5 years (which made me think it must be good) is actually deaf!!

In the short term I’ve invested in some ear plugs, and this morning was the first time here that I’ve had a full sleep and woken up naturally rather than by noise. Meanwhile, I’m looking elsewhere.

Thanks again to everyone for the advice x