Noisy Neighbours

Hi Everyone

My tenants moved in on the 24th July and are complaining that the neighbours on one side of a terraced property are very noisy until the early hours of the morning, several nights of the week. Any suggestions how I should deal with this? I introduced myself to the neighbours in question before the tenants moved in and the appeared friendly.

I do not want to lose these tenants, but am not sure how to deal with this situation as they (neighbours) have lived in their property for over 20 years.

Advice would be appreciated. Thanks. Adele.

the tenants need to raise the issue with the local council, it is not your call.


Thanks Colin. Tenants have just moved from London to Carlisle and would probably find it difficult to approach the Council. I do take your point though that it isn’t really my call.

they need to keep a record of events and sound recordings, if it is that bad . Some councils have a “noise” officer to deal with such events

The best options is to have a two-pronged approach, I think.

One is to ask tenants keep a log of all the noise, recordings etc as proof for the council.

The other is to, quite frankly, knock on the door one evening and explain to them that they are noisy and ask them to stop. If they’re reasonable people they’ll stop.

Depending on how the discussion went, you can ask a solicitor write to them and let them know you’ll take legal action and if you lose tenants due to this you’ll recover losses from them.

If your tenant has issues with the neighbours you must not legally get involved. The council or police will only accept complaints from the parties affected, not a third party.
If you tell your tenant to log the issue online with the police ( do not call 101 your complaint will get lost in the ether) or call environmental health at the council ( they have ASBO officers) they shall deal with it. If you get involved the council will just tell you to ask the tenant to make the complaint.
If there is an issue and it does not stop over six months the council will mandate the respective landlord evict the tenant.
This way the whole situation remains anonymous and you don’t end up in a hostile situation with your neighbour or their landlord ( trust me they break your windows etc etc).


Thank you for the advice. I will pass it on to the tenants.

You will have a relationship with the neighbour for much longer than your tenants so its best not to upset them. Presumably your previous tenants had no issues with the neighbours.

As you are not the neighbours landlord there isn’t much you can do. You could consider if there is anything you could to do aid soundproofing?

Thanks Fraser1.

No previous Tenants in this particular property as only recently purchased, so I don’t know if this is an ongoing issue.

You need to soundproof, neighbours will not be quiet for rental tenants, it might even get worse or you’ll end up with new tenants every 6 months which will be costly & a high footfall will lead to higher repair bills, I wouldn’t approach them the it will increase tension that once established will be very difficult to retract sorry if you want to keep tenants & your profits, maybe you should’ve stayed in the property first to check yourself? People just won’t pay high prices for no sleep & your neighbours are probably not being deliberately noisy

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You need to tell your tenants to give a call to noise pollution team evertime they hear the noise. As more complaints reported then council may put the noise recorder device. But only the residents, in this case your tenant have to report it.

I am having the same issues and the person playing the loud music is my tenant too. Even I have warned him when I heard him playing loud music and it does not get through his head. Also other residents have complained to council too. I have given the notice to my tenant who is playing loud music so his contract ends next month.

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