Advice required for Contracts & 'Retired' Tenants

Our first letting on OpenRent, so keen to hear if anyone has any experience in this area? Our Tenants are currently going through referencing checks, but I sense one may come back as fail.

Couple are together, but not married. The Lead Tenant has his own business with sufficient income, but not sure how to cover ourselves contractually, without RGI in place.

Any ideas on how to structure would be much appreciated.


Hi Graham,

This is quite a common situation and there are several possible solutions.

As you mention, RGI is only available for tenancies where all tenants pass referencing - but it is also available if tenants who fail can find a guarantor who passes referencing. So one solution would be to find a guarantor for any tenant who fails referencing.

You can also ask for rent in advance which reduces the risk of unpaid rent.

Lots more info and detail here:


Many thanks for your response Sam.

I think the two options may be to ask for a ‘Guarantor’, or indeed ‘rent in advance’.

If option 1 is not an option for them, was is the typical request when asking for ‘rent in advance’?

Her partner will be the Lead Tenant and therefore paying the rent; we just want to make sure that we are covered in the event, for whatever reason, he disappears and stops paying the rent. She would therefore be left in the property with potentially insufficient funds to cover the rent, I am assuming.

Kind regards