Affordability/ legal citizen

Hi. How do you give yourself the best chance that a prospective tenant can actually afford the rent? Do you insist on seeing 3 months wage slips for example?
Also, do you ask them to prove legal citizenship? By way of providing passport? Do you ask for these things to be provided at the viewing? Anything else you can think of that openrent do not provide. All help welcome, thanks in advance.

You sound like a complete novice. Suggest you take a landlord course before you get in serious trouble.

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Join the NRLA and look at their published material and training.


OpenRent charge £20 for referencing a Tenant.

I am not sure what exactly they ask for.

But check employment, credit files, and give a affordability amount based on income.

Not 100% on the Right to Stay.
But being compliance, i would think this would be included in the Referencing service.

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NRLA are well it when you are starting off.
Well recommend.

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