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Hello. After having a nightmare tenant, we are looking to rent our property again. Is there a list of questions you’d recommend asking on the open rent bounce back message when people get in contact and how do you figure out the affordability? Is it the combined salaries of the tenants, as Open rent don’t seem to take that into account. Thank you

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Hi. I believe I saw a thread where OpenRent replied and said they could combine income. Could you contact them directly? I also agree that for a couple, income should be combined.

Thank you. I’ll look into this.

Hi Rebecca. I’m an open rent landlord. Affordability is usually calculated at 2.5x the monthly rent, meaning that the tenant or tenants interested would have to show a combined income above that. Open Rents referencing is quite good now (much smoother than when Rentguard were doing it). The bonus of getting a referencing report is that if passed you qualify for rent guarantee and legal insurance (around £150 per year) open rent offer this insurance, but I go with Alan Boswell they use Aviva. The insurance covers full legal and lost rent should you have a bad tenant.

Thank you for your response. Really appreciate your time. How do I ask OpenRent to combine the incomes? Others have failed based on neither earning enough but combined they’re fine.
I’m currently still trying to evict non paying, illegally subletting tenants. It’s been so stressful. Thankfully we have insurance but I’m dreading to think what they are doing to my flat.

Happy to help,

It’s pretty straight forward to have combined reports. Once you have chosen your lead tenant, hit the continue with this tenant button.

Continue until you see the order referencing report button, you’ll see the name, number and email address of the tenant you have selected.

Under there details there’s an option to add additional tenants, fill in their name, number and email manually.

Once you’ve done this and paid you see two pending reference report requests that you can track. The tenants do an individual report each that gets combined at the end.

It’s all pretty straightforward, on each report where it says how much rent they can cover it gives a percentage amount for each applicant.

All the best with it all


Can’t believe I missed this! Thank you so much :blush:

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