Affordability on referencing

Anyone knows how affordability is calculated during referencing? Thanks

Try using ChatGPT for a detailed explanation

I have these on a document, from the company who Openrent use for referencing. Unsure if its changed.

Rent x 12 months x 100 divided by 35 = Salary (Tenant)
Rent x 12 months x 100 divided by 25 = Salary (Guarantor)

35-40 times monthly rent ie £1000pcm needs to earn £35k and a guarantor is the same +£6k

It’ll depend on what the LL wants as a safety buffer.

In terms of calculating, I use 3 x pcm rent because most of my applicants are more familiar with their monthly income than annual figures.


Outgoings are equally as important as income. If more is being paid out each month than coming in , that’s not good.