Affordable rent for working class people

Hello I’m looking for a 2 bedroom flat for me and my 15 year old daughter.
We live in Camden for more than 13 years and recently the rent increased and it is very difficult for working class people to afford the amount of the expensive rents in London.
I’m very worried because we will have to move in 3 months when my contract finish.
We live in Belsize Park and I pay the minimum housing allowance for 2 years in this area Camden 1585.65 monthly.
I just wondering if I will find a place suitable to live with my daughter at this price? my name is Veronica and I studying bookkeeping in the college and my daughter is doing her GCSE after the difficult time of lockdown also she broke her leg.
I hope I can find something suitable for me and my daughter soon.
I want to let the landlords know that in the real world the most of work people like me are struggling to pay expensive rents and bills and no all are lucky to live in decent houses or apartments. I feel very frustrated and sad because All is very expensive. I work the most of my time to pay rent and I lose valuable time to spend with my daughter. This circle never ends.
I was thinking that is to many ways to do charity involuntary like give little less expensive rent to the people in needs or giving help to any one because no all people is begging in the streets.
If the people look around and help each other how this world will be? Maybe a better place to live for everyone even they that really struggling but never ask for help.
Everyone is busy with their own problems and thinking about increased their pockets charging expensive rents making unaffordable for people like me trying to live a decent life.
Also I can see that the most of the landlords don’t accept DDS income.
Many thanks

Maybe try going to your local council and tell them your situation. You do have a dependent daughter. They may have a list of landlords that do accept Housing Benefit but agree it is a difficult situation.

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I went to the council and thy don’t share a list of landlord that do accept the housing benefits anymore. :frowning:

I cant afford to live in Belsize Park either and Im a greedy landlord.

It’s actually entirely illegal to discriminate against benefits claimants and if any landlords do turn you away I personally would threaten to sue… I literally just emailed OpenRent telling them I’ll sue them if this BS continues.

Google it.

I will remember not to rent to a Tamara

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You wanting to break the law has absolutely nothing to do me. And anyway if you did that I would sue you too.

The goverment contributed to the housing problem by selling off thousands of council houses. Also by paying claiments the housing element rent and not straight to the landlords . Blame the stupid goverment

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My understanding is that the only cases brought to court so far have involved landlords or agents with a blanket ban on all benefits claimants and it was specifically this that was found to be illegal under discrimination legislation. As far as I am aware, it is not illegal to discriminate against an individual benefits claimant provided there is a valid business case for doing so.


Tamara, if you were a landlord and you wanted to protect your self, would you take the lowest risk option when it comes to renting your property to a tenant, or would you take the risky option?

Would you let it to someone who doesn’t work and the benefits gets paid direct to them or would you rather let to a long term working person in a stable job who appreciates sacrifice. Those that have stuff given for free typically do not appreciate it.

What do you think mortgage lenders do???

You cant have what you can’t afford in this world, that’s how it works I’m afraid, well it seems you can actually. Person in my street who spits out kids like an electric nan knits scarves lives in the same type of house as me, has a car and hasn’t worked a single day.

Most landlords have sacrificed a lot to be able to have a rental property.


Spot on mate Watch out she will sue you!

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This is the selfishness in person judgement to people have disadvantages with very low pay jobs and very small salaries that they can’t afford to pay expensive rents. I wish the government do something like in another countries to defend tenants rights.
Is is unbelievable the price of the flats in London.
You judge people because they work full time but they are poor and they can’t pay the terrible amount of the expensive rent at list you should put the minimum allowance prices for zone 1 and 2. I think if the prices of the rent should be reasonable no want have to ask the government to give them money for free like you say. You don’t know the circumstances of this people, some pay taxes AL THERI LIFES AND

I know what it is like to earn very little money I have been thru hard times as well. If I told you te price of my places ,you would be staggered how cheap they are ,Below market value. But I am not in London

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