Anyone with experience for DSS tenants

I am thinking of renting to tenants on Universal Credit and one of the housing officers suggested I look at purchasing rent guarantee via above website and the incentive from council homelessness prevention unit would fund it.
Cost can be as high as £1200 however council are willing to pay that to ensure people who do not have a guarantor can get a place.
However not sure how responsive this company is in times of trouble. Any advice on alternative?

Anything the council want you to do DONT DO IT. Have nothing to do with any council promoted tenants . They only want problem tenants off their hands


Ouch!!! Deep down I knew that but was so hoping! Thanks for reminding me.

With all the furloughed workers and employment uncertainty having difficulty replacing tenant who moved out September 2020. Increased stock in East London from decreased student/ semi professionals demand and massive new build blocks in Olympic village.
Patience is the game!


I can see student accomodation going downhill and most of it is not suitable for families. Maybe HMO S will be a bit dodgey also

Don’t do it Council’s will promise you the earth to get rid of their problems. Been there and got the T Shirt & book

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