Agency gave me notice to vacate the flat because I coudn't pay 6 months rent in advance!

My 6-month fixed term is finishing and I would like to stay in the flat. The agency said that the landlord only accept a 6-month fixed term and the payment of all tenancy has to be in advance (I have paid my current tenancy all in advance).
The problem is that my visa will expire 4 months after my current let contract ends. I am going to apply for a visa extension, but the approval doesn’t depends on me. Then I replied to the agency that I wouldn’t mind paying 4 months in advance. I could make a 10-month contract, with a breaking clause, that would allow me to give 1 month notice from the end of month 3, depending on my visa extension approval. Once I get my visa extension approval confirmation I would pay the remaining 6 months in advance. Then they gave me notice to vacate the flat even before my last word… Now I am very concerned because I think I will not be able to rent any other flat for only 4 months…
Do they can do this with me? Give me notice just because I couldn’t pay 6 months in advance (because of my visa) and I offered to pay “only” 4 months in advance??? I am shocked!

I would appreciate if someone could help me

I’m afraid they can do that, yes. Its not good practice and perhaps reflects the current rental market as much as the poor practice of this agency.

Assuming that they gave you a s21 notice, you can check below whether its valid. If it is not valid, then you may decide to do nothing and not sign a new agreement. Your tenancy would then continue on a periodic (month to month) basis until either you serve notice, or they can persuade a court to evict you, which they won’t be able to do until their notice is valid. This should buy you some time.

So, yes, as David said, they can do it.

However, they need to get the paperwork spot on or it won’t be valid.

If they want you out it will take a lot longer than 4 months so if I were you I would sort the visa and then look for another property.

Thank you so much!!!

Thank you very much, David!