Agency viewings when moving out

I am moving out of my rented place to a new one. I have now moved out but we have to go back to clean the property etc. We have told the agency we are not present this week so they can do viewings as they wish. They have told us we need to be present to let them in. Is this true? I’m guessing the have messed up and have no keys. My contract just states I have to permit access for viewings. I don’t want to loose my deposit because they will say we was not present to let them in.

There is no requirement for you to be there. They cant deduct from deposit for that.

I think its very likely that the agents have messed up. Check your tenancy agreement. It there is no specific wording saying you have to be present for viewings or to let landlord/agent in for viewings then you do not need to be there. Any attempt to make a deduction from your deposit for this can easily be challenged.