Allow Sublet or Amend Contract?

Hi landlords!

Is this a total no-go for you guys?

I’m a tenant hoping to move into a 2-bed property and make it all nice before doing a meticulous search for a suitable flat mate, preferably a friend-of-a-friend. So far the landlords I’ve met through OpenRent have been put off by this plan. I’m a professional who is happy to take full responsibility for the rent and deposit or have the contract amended when they inevitably move in, whichever is preferred.

Any ideas/suggestions? I’ve now started the process of looking for a flat mate in advance but it would be much easier and more pleasant if I was already living somewhere.

Many thanks :slight_smile:


I have previously allowed existing tenants to take lodgers in as their flat mates rather than as a new tenant. This would be lower risk for ll as far easier to terminate lodger agreement which would also benefit you if things dont work out if you dont know the person well.

Wouldn’t have thought many decent landlords would be willing to agree to take on an unknown tenant/sublet given current rules.

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Thanks Richard. Just been reading the difference between a tenant and a lodger. Do you think I’d be more likely to find somewhere if I say that I’ll find a “lodger” and not a co-tenant? I’m happy with this.

Friends and colleagues are trying to persuade me to rent a 2-bed and get someone in without telling the landlord but I prefer to be honest upfront.

if you do something without telling the landlord you will stitch yourself up with any future reference if you need to move

Yes, it should improve your chances. Not all landlords would go for it but risks would be lower for them so more should be willing to do it. As you would solely be responsible for the rent your income would need to be sufficient for the rent to be affordable without the lodger.

Definitely better to tell landlord of your plans.

If you find a flat mate after renting then they will either be your lodger, (and you will be their landlord with all the attendant legal and tax responsibilities) or you would have to persuade your landlord to begin the tenancy again, (with all the attendant administration).

Some landlords also have clauses in their insurance and/or mortgage policies stating that any adult lving at the property must be a named tenant.

You are able to use rent a room scheme which would enable you to rent the room to lodger for up to £7500pa which would cover vast majority of properties. Assuming rent is less than this there would be no tax and you dont need to apply for it.

Lodgers are classed as excluded occupiers so your responsibility is limited. You would need to ensure the property is maintained and in a safe condition but your landlord should be doing that anyway…