Advertising for a Lodger

So I’m currently renting a 2 bedroom flat as a sole tenant with my mate as a secondary/sublet tenant. So everything is in my name, he is soon to be moving in with his girlfriend.

I’ve given the heads up to my landlords and they have advised me that my best course of action is to get a lodger. This option with keep everything in my name and give me the greatest security when finding somebody new to live with.

Can anyone tell me if it is ok and possible to advertise on OpenRent for a lodger rather than a tenant??

Thanks in Advance

Others may answer your specific questions, but in case youre not aware, you would be the lodger’s landlord and would have certain legal obligations. You should read about these when you get an opportunity as some errors can carry a fine of several thousands of pounds.

Cheers David, my landlord has made me aware of this and has given me a Lodgers agreement document that outlines these obligations and it all seems pretty straightforward.

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