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Am I paranoid or not?

Kinleigh Folkard & Hayward have asked me to make payment of rent+deposit for a flat rental in advance without giving me access to the tenancy agreement. I signed it last week, so was happy from my end and the landlord supposedly signed it today. I was then expecting them to show me the tenancy agreement for final approval before paying rent+deposit to secure the flat.

However, instead they have said that “The tenancy agreement are executed once both parties have signed, all monies have been paid and all safety requirements are in place". In other words, only when I have paid money do I get access to the tenancy agreement. They claim this is standard practice.

Obviously KFH are a very well-known in London and I’m probably being paranoid because I’m paying 6 months rent up front. However, it seems unusual that I do not get to see the tenancy agreement signed by BOTH parties prior to making payment.

I’m also wondering whether, if this falls through, I’m in a legal position to request my one week deposit is returned.

What was it that you “signed last week” if not the teancy agreement ?

Yes I signed it, but how do I know the content of the document has not been altered since? I would like to give it a final read through with both signatures on there prior to making payment. Why should that be problematic in terms of the estate agent allowing me to view that document?

so when you signed you did not get a copy? Signing two of them?

I signed the agreement via the KFH website. Now when I view the document (or download it) from there it neither has my signature or the landlord’s signature.

They also messed up the first draft, which ended up saying I had to pay 6 months rent every month instead of as a one-off payment. A typo no doubt, so I asked them to amend it and they did, then I signed the document. I am concerned about their competence.

6 months every month is a big mistake .no wonder you are concerned… I do all my agreements on paper. Cash paid, Signed in front of me, witnessed and keys handed over. Cannot beat it


What Colin3 says +1. Its the best way. Full transparency.

If you can download the draft, can’t you just compare it with the final copy once you’ve paid and insist on any alterations. Tbh I can’t see a large agency deliberately altering the wording after signature. That would be fraud and they would have too much to lose. I would ask for a copy of the final draft without signatures, then pay, then compare the two once you get the final copy.

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Thanks David, will do.