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Still waiting for landlords signature

Hi I am just wondering why the landlord has not signed my tenancy agreement just waiting for him know after me and my guarantor have signed. The only option I keep in my mind is that the tenancy start date is 23rd and I have signed the contract on the 16th so probably he is waiting till the 23rd to sign so I can pay the deposit and rent. Its been dreading in my mind why he’s taking so long to sign and get it out of the way.

Can some one tell me if they were in the same position. Please would really need some advide

Is this a legal action when the landlord has to sign on the day of the contract start.

I would never sign the agreement till the day you move in and you pay deposit and rent otherwise he has no recourse.
If you sign and don’t pay rent how will he get his money?!
This is normal. Only an inexperienced landlord would sign in advance. Even estate agents sign on the day!
Yes is is legal

So do you think I should wait for the 23rd and c whats next. I mean we need to move out on the 24th and I am already packed up and ready to move in. But the problem with this landlord is that he is not responding to any of my messages. After multiple calls to open rent he is still not letting me know if the house is redecorated and new flooring were supposed to be put in first and ground floor.

I can’t explain why he is not answering.
Builders are busy at the moment and they are letting people down.
Last year I had daily emails from tenants and it drove me mad. I actually told I would not answer any more emails. It was only because they were my tenants anyway that I tolerated it.
You need to give him a bit of space.
It has only been a week.
Have you put down a holding deposit

Yes I know he is really busy it’s not an individual landlord it’s a big co operation. There name is Nottingham city homes Enterprises Ltd they are very big but they do private rent aswell. But it’s my first time doing open rent I am in a letting agency. It’s completely different. Thanks for replying. I have paid a holding deposit and passed Referencing and signed my contract just waiting from there side now. And how is it with key collection do we meet at the property or there is a key safe next to front door. Maybe he’ll say to collect them from there. But he still havnt done no work to the house that’s confusing. As my he’s got 2 days to do everything.

I don’t think the work is going to get done
If this is an estate agent just make sure you are not a victim of a scam
Estate agents reply if you call them
Check on the land registry that this is the landlord for the property

The landlord doesnt need to sign for there to be a contract. Once you pay the first month’s rent it will likely be in force unless it was issued to you “subject to contract”.

Thanks yes I will maybe check the land registry and see who ones it. I have checked the gov business website and they are OK it seems they have a lot of money and all accounts are made up to date. So lets see on 23rd if they are going to sign. Hopefully?