Any LL request a DBS check?

Some insurers require dbs check performed on tenants to identify unspent criminal convictions. Only the tenant themselves (or employers) can perform this check.

As a landlord I would want to know if someone has a criminal conviction regardless.

Tenants - how would you feel about providing this? The cost of full check is about £40, basic dbs check £18.

Reality is any landlord could insist on DBS report if they chose to.


So that’s a no then!

never thought about doing it


Surprised it’s not done more often. Suppose looking out for home made tattoos removes the need!

Think it’s a good idea. Especially as tenants have no fees now, that would be the only one and could potentially be used in other situations.

Might even help some tenants who are struggling to find accommodation.

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Just seen a post from OR staff, that the tenant couldn’t be expected to cover the cost of DBS check under Tenant Fees Act.

But they could still get their own and present if the opportunity arose

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Yes true, they could just provide their own if requested, their choice. Not something i have ever done, but it seems sensible. If we do a credit check, why not this?

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I had an applicant who offered to pay up 6 months in advance after moving in, something about him I didnt like !. Turned out he was a con man who had not long been out of prison. Pleased I didnt take him on.
There is a lot of lovely people out there but sadly there are many bad ones.


gut feeling Leslie you cannot beat it

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Would it be legal for a landlord to do a DBS check?

Landlord would need to ask for tenant to do it and provide it.

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There’s something from Open Rent that to ask the tenant to provide a DBS would be against the Tenant Fees Act so LL would have to cover the cost presumably.


we can do basic dbs check as a landlord offer to pay for it, then go online yourself and access it. even for employments, employers no longer pay and ask us to absorb the cost


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