Asking a flatmate to move out

Hi all. Just looking for some advice….I rent a flat and I am the only one on the tenancy agreement and it was agreed with the landlord that I can rent the 2nd bedroom out to a friend of a friend.
The issue is…she moved in two months ago and we have a verbal agreement - rolling monthly and I said if she needs to moved out I just need a months notice.
I have just found out I got a job I interviewed for last week and it means I am going to be WFH in my new role and comes with a pay increase which will allow me to afford the flat on my own and turn the small bedroom she is in into an office space.
Am I able to just give her one months notice to move out?
Thank you.

Your lodger does not have the protections of an AST tenant and you just have to give them reasonable notice which is usually one rent period. Under the circumstances I suggest you be as flexible as you can if they struggle to find anywhere.

Thank you, David. Yes, I will be as flexible as possible for her.
I feel so awful doing this after just two months but she is solely WFH whereas I am in the office every day which has worked fine for the past 2 months but it’s far too small to have two people full time WFH.

Thanks for your advice.