Wondering re. ending a tenancy just one month after we moved in


So we moved into a flat two days ago, and we’re hating it, and the area.
Can’t sleep, noice from above and beyond, noisy-creeky house, bad air quality, maybe damp,
I could go on and on.
But the short of it is that we can not stay there, for our sanity and health.
We’ve obviously signed a AST 6 months break clause, (+ then 2 months?)

But I’ve heard that ppl have moved out by getting someone else in for instance…

So what would fellow members recommend? We are panicking…


So 2 issues. Firstly you have a 6 month contract that you must honour. You can give notice after 4 months and leave at 6 (in reality you don’t have to give notice within the fixed period, you can just leave after 6 months when the contract expires). Until 6 months is up you are liable for the rent, council tax, utilities.
Secondly you can speak to the landlord, express your desire to leave and reach an arrangement to find new tenants. You will be liable for rent etc until new tenants take over and I would expect the landlord to charge you for the costs of finding and referencing a new tenant - if they agree.