Asking for a break clause

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I’m new here but also urgently looking to find a property in central London. I have read all the other topics about this but none of them answer my question. My question is simple:

Is it standard procedure to have a 6 month break clause in a 12 month contract? If not, is it generally accepted/agreed to by the landlord to ask for a break clause to be added to a tenancy?

My issue is that I am looking for something for approximately 6 months but will quite likely need something after that. I hate being tied down so would like the freedom to leave even if I won’t necessarily do so. What are my chances of being able to negotiate said break clause or is it entirely dependent on the landlord?

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It is for OpenRent. We include a 6 month break clause in our ASTs as standard. This can be removed if the landlord and tenant wish, however.

Probably quite high! Break clauses are a common term to include in a tenancy agreement.

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Hi Sam,

That is perfect. Thank you very much for your prompt reply!

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