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Assured shorthold tenancy

Hi I have an assured shorthold tenancy
It’s says you will have the property on a month to month contractual basis, starting from 1.4.21 until one calendar months notice is given in writing and spent.
This periodic tenancy will carry on until you have served the required notice

But then near the end there is a break clause
This agreement may be terminated by either party giving the other at least one calendar months’
notice in writing to expire at any time after six months from the commencement date of the tenancy agreement.

We have discovered we live beside noisy nightmare neighbours and want to cut our losses before we settle.

Please say I can give notice now as soon as I find something else ??
Thank you

The two clauses appear to be contradictory and its possible that a template agreement has been badly edited. You would need to reproduce more of the agreement in context before anyone could tell you whether these clauses are opposed or in some way linked.

I had asked my ll to clarify and they confirmed it is a contractual month to month tenancy. Shelter advised the break clause would only be in a fixed term. Though in DPS in the description of the agreement it says six months. Maybe the deposit cannt be requested for at least 6 months? Hopefully for my sanity we will be able to leave asap