AST signed in 2006

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I’m purchasing a property and when I look at the AST, it seems it was signed in 2006 for 12 months. It has been rolling over ever since. The AST makes no reference to any notices by either landlord or tenant to terminate the tenancy whilst rolling over.

My understanding is that is just a standard period tenancy and standard section 21 notice with 2 months notice will apply if I want to evict the tenant. In other words, the length of the rollover period will not have any relevance to the type of notice and length of notice.

Any thoughts or comments would be appreciated.

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I believe the notice period is three months now due to Covid.
Read somewhere it was going to revert back to two months in September but don’t quote me on that!

If you are buying a property with a tenant, I would have thought you either move the tenant onto a new AST being that you are a new Landlord, or you ask existing landlord to serve notice on the tenant to vacate the property as a condition to completing the purchase.

If you want to retain the tenant, then ask the current landlord to move the tenant onto an updated AST.

Sorry for the late reply - Thank you for your insight

Sorry for the late reply - Thank you