Backdating tenancy & witnessing

Tenancy has run to periodic and they want an AST. I did not want to start an AST without the hob replaced and certified. Tenant s broke it so they have ordered. I’ve arranged electrician. They have asked me to “Backdate” it so there is not a break in their AST. Firstly, I see no point in this. But most importantly I gather it’s not legal to do this.

On another note. Does the tenancy require “witnessing”. I’ve never done this & open rent doesn’t require this. They do digital signature which may get around witnessing??

But a hard copy tenancy: does it require witnessing?

Thank you!

You can’t backdate it and to be honest there is no point in starting a new tenancy. They probably don’t understand that the periodic tenancy is based on the original agreement and gives them all the same rights. IMO landlords are better of with periodic tenancies as there is no admin involved and if they stop being good tenants you can serve notice immediately.

I would tell them that as long as we are both happy they can stay there as long as they like on a periodic tenancy. I have a tenant of 8 years on a periodic and other landlords I know, much longer.

Thank you David. I have told them that! They are trying to buy their own property and want the security of the first 4 months where no notice can be served. And also, I would like to release some equity & they require an AST. I understand where they are coming from but this is ridiculous them panicking about a few days lapse!! It’s causing me so much wasted time & hassle because there was a hob broken which I had no idea how bad it was until
a week ago. And no way could start an AST with it like that. They have now bought the hob. What about witnessing. I have never ever done this but I’ve read various things saying you need it. My insurance “legal” line (only just realised I had this!!) told me absolutely not, you do not need witnesses. I Have used this legal line quite a few times now. It came with our buildings insurance!

I would just say sorry, but no and tell them that I had no plans to evict them so they should relax.

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I tried that. They still want AST. It’s fine. I will NEVER bend over backwards to be nice again

They still want an AST or what? It’s your property. You can say no