End of tenancy - next steps

Hi everyone. The 1-year tenancy of our first rental is coming up. Our tenants are lovely and we would like them to stay but I know they are looking to buy somewhere of their own so we will lose them eventually. Question is, do I need to do anything formal now, or just let the tenancy roll onto a monthly periodic? Should I do an end-of-tenancy inspection even though they haven’t indicated they want to leave just yet?

Just let the tenancy become periodic. Nothing to do except check if How to Rent has changed since you first gave it and give them the latest copy. If you have an insured deposit, check with the scheme if it needs updating.

Sorry it’s nowhere near cardiff.

I’ve never re- served a How to Rent booklet when a tenancy rolls over from AST to periodic. What’s your understanding of why you do this / understanding of any regulations etc?

You have to issue the latest “How To Rent” guide at the commencement of a new tenancy.

An AST tenancy can be “contractual periodic” or “statutory periodic”. It is contractual periodic if the AST agreement describes what happens when the tenancy ends and statutory periodic if the agreement is silent on the matter. (In other words, statutory periodic is the default unless your AST agreement says otherwise.)

A statutory periodic tenancy is regarded in law as a new tenancy so you have to provide the tenant with the latest “How to Rent” booklet (if a new one was issued since you last provided it.) This is usually not necessary if your tenancy is contractual periodic as it would be regarded as a continuation of the existing tenancy (but your agreement might have to say so explicitly. Check with a lawyer or if in doubt, issue the new How To Rent booklet.)

See: Guide to contractual and statutory periodic tenancies

Thanks for that information. You learn something new every day & I never realised the different Contractual or Statutory definitions.

My tenancies roll over into Contractual periodic so I’m ok.


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