Bailiffs recommendation in Central London?

Hello, can anyone recommend a bailiffs in Central London? Someone you have dealt with personally? I am living abroad and I need a company I can rely on remotely.
The sum is over 5,000 Pounds.

I assume you mean HCEOs as bailiffs are attached to the Court and you don’t get a choice?

Sorry David for the late reply but I don’t understand. What do you mean? Do i go to the bailiffs from the same court that handed out the court judgement? Or do i go to a private bailifs?

You either go to the bailiffs from the same court or you can go to private High Court Enforcement Officers, (Sherrifs). The latter costs considerably more money and there is no longer much speed advantage. There is no option that I’m aware of to go to other bailiffs, which are all attached to the courts.

Thanks David, i will look into that.

I was now told to go through the Sheriffs Office, has anyone got any experience with them? Are they efficient, I dont mind paying more. I am owed just above 10k