Bankruptcy query

I had to declare myself bankrupt early in the year I am looking to rent and have someone to guarantor me will this be ok?

It won’t be great for a prospective LL to hear, but a LL would do a check on the guarantor as if they’re a tenant too. If you default on payments, they will pay the rent, so as long as they tick all the boxes, it may not be an issue for some. Also, it depends on how many options the LL has.

A guarantor is not a tenant.

Alex85, I think you will struggle. Guarantors are not a total solution. The agreements are often badly worded and or incorrectly processed and fail. They may also expire when there is a rent increase or tenancy renewal or enough time has passed. It may depend on the circumstances that led to you becoming bankrupt, but I think most private landlords wouldn’t take the risk.


Bankruptcy for me is a big no-no. It’s one step further than a CCJ.

You owed someone or some people so much that they went down the route of bankrupting you with no chance of recovering any more money? Not a good sign.

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Thanks for your feedback