Best route to evict ay bad tenant


Tenant is just starting month 6 of 6 month standard Openrent AST.

Not been a good tenant from the early days. Multiple complaints from other residents to the Management Agents of excess noise at all hours and accusations of sub-letting or at very least allowing other unknowns to stay regularly.

We have been unable to obtain any definitive proof. Apartment is in decent condition when we visited and none of the other residents have been able to provide any proof which would stand up to scrutiny. Now the apartment below has gone up for sale just this week as the guys says he’s had enough of the noise.

Now our tenant has now for the first time missed his full months rent payment on 1 March, said he would pay be yesterday and then didn’t.

For all kinds of reasons we now want him out at earliest.

I think best route is to serve 2 months notice under standard AST terms rather than go for any breach of tenancy terms. In general would fellow landlords agree with that course of action.

Hi Karen, my understanding is that a Section 21 eviction is the faster way to evict a tenant who is out of a fixed term, because the landlord is not required to demonstrate that any grounds to evict obtain.

We have a guide to this here: