Breach of covid rules by tenants

I’ve had a message from a neighbour of my rental property that my tenants (of 2 months) held a party last night, not only annoying her re noise but more importantly the fact that they invited people to the property in breach of covid rules.
I am interested in knowing as to what if any action fellow Landlords would take.
Many thanks

Report the matter to the police

Not a lot you can do im no landlord but breach of covid rules would be reported to the authorities. As you are the landlord i suppose its your call to see if this is a section 18 matter? i dont suppose it is but im sure there is some guidance for this. hope this helps and please keep safe in this pandemic

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You would be a braver landlord than me to consider evicting or even reporting a fully paid up tenant to the police during these difficult times for everyone.

We work with our tenants and keep excellent relationship, even a tenant of my daughter who could no longer afford any rent after changing jobs.

Talk to your tenants, nicely. Explain the rules, the dangers and the neighbours complaints to yourself.

If anyone is to report them to the authorities it should be the neighbours who have witnessed what is happening. Whatever you do try to keep on good terms with your tenants.

This is not legal advice, just good common sense advice, in order to try to obtain the best outcome.

Thank you for your reply.
I agree with your approach and this is pretty much what we did do.

OH BOY… just realised the original post is about 190 years old… Hey hum… written it now. Maybe it will assist someone else…

Agree 100% with Colin.

There is also a certain obligation on a landlord to variously deal with suspected criminal activity on your premises. A due diligence/duty of care type obligation, I think, but I cannot recall the detail of this just now. It’s also very much the right thing to do.

I would respectfully but strongly suggest you do not approach your tenants about this, to ‘explain the rules’ etc. I can just imagine the reply you would get to that idea!
That is a near sure-fire way to create for yourself the grief you could well do without and most certainly do not deserve.

Do make sure you keep a detailed log of your comms with police, including reporting officer: name and number and incident/crime number as applicable.
If you subsequently want shot of these people (I would and ‘as soon as;’ you know all you need to know given this allegation is true.)
Let’s cut to the chase; they know the rules as did all the alleged party goers that night. A lecture is futile. And dangerous.

Nobody likes to be told off. The police get paid for it. Let them handle it and advise them with names of how you got to hear about it to allay suspicions that you yourself are the trouble maker.

P. S. Given that this actually happened, you have great neighbours.