Tenant requesting eviction

Hi all, looking for some advice please. Our tenants of 6 years have during Covid been made redundant and had a baby. They have messaged us today asking us to evict them with the 6 month Covid notice period.

I am assuming they are asking to be evicted and effectively made homeless to try and get priority housing from the council. However, as silly/risky as it sounds to me, as a landlord we are all being asked not to evict people during these times if avoidable. So I find myself in a dilemma…do I go ahead and issue a section 21 just saying I want the property back and then sit and wait for 6 months for them to hopefully be rehoused and in the meantime keep paying their rent…or do I refuse and risk them not paying their rent, in which case again they are protected for 6 months accumulating arrears?

I asked her to confirm in writing her request to terminate her tenancy (it’s a rolling contract with 2 month either side)…but I am assuming that if she gives notice she forfeits the governments 6 month Covid protection and would therefore have to vacate within the 2 months in the contract? So she won’t do that and is insisting we serve them notice instead.

I’m afraid if I go ahead and agree and serve the notice that somewhere down the line if she can’t get a council house and wants to pull out that I will be taken action against for in effect making a family homeless during this crisis and adding to the local authorities burden unnecessarily.

Does anyone have suggestions, thoughts or experience of anything similar?

Thanks in advance

The Council will advise them to stay put until the bailiffs arrive, which if you serve a s21 notice now, is likely to be in about 18 months time. Tell the tenant they should register a claim for UC asap and that you can’t afford to be without rent for 6 months.

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