Break Clause Enquiry

Hi I signed a 12 month contract in November 2023 but it has a 2 month break clause which can be activated after month 4. My partner has bought a property which we will be able to move in, in July 2023 does this mean i can give notice and end the contract after 8 - 9 months.
thanks for your help

It depends on the exact wording of the break clause. Can you reproduce it here.

Very vague what you have stated but basically if it’s roughly what you say
4months + 2months = end but a min term of six months for a ast in England.
But you need exact wording, in my contracts they are heavily in favour of the landlord.

You can serve 2 months notice any time from day 1 month 5 and your tenancy will end on expiry.

thanks David. Does that mean if I served the notice on 1st July i can leave on the 1st September and not be penalised

It means that you must specify the date on which you want the tenancy to end and the earliest it could end in that scenario is midnight on 31 August, by which time, you MUST have left.

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