6 months break clause - means leaving at 6 or 8 months?

Hi guys, i appreciate some help with the following. I want to understand if the 6 months break clause I have in my contract means i can actually leave at 6 months and that i have to give notice at month 4 or just before that.

Here is the wording: “The landlord agrees that the tenant has the right to terminate the tenancy on or after the first six months by giving the landlord not less than 2 months prior notice.”

Is this correct?


Hi Ana, this thread should have the answer to your question:


Hi Sam,

many thanks for the thread provided. I’ve read it but I am still not sure of the answer to my question.

I have just signed a contract for a fixed 12months period but with a mutual break clause at 6months stated above. From the wording, i am still unsure if i can leave at month 6 if i give notice at month 4 or is it that only at month 6 can i give notice to leave at month 8?

Many thanks for clarifying this.


I’m pretty sure you give notice at 4 months to leave at 6 months.