Break clause solution

Hi all, I rented from here a flat 2-3 months ago with no written break clause and even my landlord he mention it to me before we finalise the contract and I was ok with that but given the situation my friend who I was sharing the flat with left to go back to our country and he’s unable to pay rent.

I’m currently not working as most of you and the only person I managed to find to take over the room is willing to pay a X amount but not the whole of it that my friend used to pay.
Sure it’s better than nothing but I cannot be paying nearly 1k plus bills for a room…
Any idea I can break the contract with a month notice without losing the deposit ?

Thank you for any future advice

have you spoken to the landlord about this situation?

Yes apparently the process and fee for the new tenants will be a lot that’s why he didn’t want break clause in the first place

I am no expert but I would offer the most you both can do and see what he says . deposit is not for unpaid rent, its for potential damage.

Yeah I’m willing to go out of the house but I don’t wanna breach my contract and lose my deposit cuz of that.
I’m still paying rent as normal

georgios1 just do your best. I am a landlord and have a couple of older tenants I would like to go along and check to see if they need anyting but I dont want to make matters worse as they live in the city In flats. We all are having a difficult time. I have a daughter in Africa as a volunteer. I may never see her again just be sure to stay safe your life is worth more than rent