Buildings insurance

Does anyone know how to get landlord and buildings insurance when you are not going to have tenants for the first few days of cover? Can I sleep over for a few days or would that not count?

Hi Sarah, did you ever get an answer to this? I am awaiting completion of a buy to let property today and we have some works to do before we can let it out but I am conscious that we need buildings insurance immediately. Don’t really want to have to pay for 2 insurances but most of the landlord insurances are asking me for tenants details now which we obviously don’t have yet. Could you let me know please?

Thanks, Kayleigh :slight_smile:

You need to check the conditions of the insurance policies you’ve looked at, but most policies allow the property to be empty for at least 30 days between tenants.

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Just speak to the insurers. They adjust the rate for empty occupied or works in progress. etc. Just remember to call them when circumstances change so they can adjust the rate ( it’s much cheaper occupied).
CIA are landlord insurers and offer additional cover for all types of situations.
They are really competitive!

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Hi Kayleigh, I couldn’t find out ever how to find my post again so unsure if I got a reply. I’ll no doubt have the same problem every time I change tenants as hardly anyone can surely get a move in and out to happen the same day. If you ever find out, can you let me know anything of help? Sarah

Hi David, I’ve only just managed to find the replies to my post. Can you suggest any insurers that allow this 30 day grace period? I’m with Simply Business who seem to be a broker for all landlord policies and come up with every I insurance search I do. Thanks, Sarah

I’m a new landlord and my first purchase is completing today so I am just fishing about what is best. Most insurance’s request what tenant you are moving in and do give a 30 day grace period but as I am unsure who the tenant will be yet, I don’t want to put the wrong information and invalidate the insurance. I am just concerned that the building belongs to me as of today so I need the insurance on that asap incase something happens. From what I can gather I’m going to have to purchase an unoccupied property insurance first then just get a new one when I find tenants.

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CIA offer grace periods

Thank you for your reply :slight_smile:

Yes this is what I am coming across but they are asking about my tenants such as are they professionals or claiming benefits etc and I am not sure who we will have yet so I don’t want to put the wrong information down and invalidate the insurance.


Any proper landlord insurance policy will accommodate a short void between tenancies.

Thanks, I am getting such a varied range of prices. I just don’t know what is a typical amount to expect. It is a 2 bed mid terraced house. Does anyone know a rough estimate of what this should cost?

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Depends on the area
We pay circa £100 per annum
Varies depending on type of occupant and if we are doing works or it’s empty

Great thanks. Mine were ranging from £150 to £580 and I just wasn’t sure what was ‘normal’.

We buy in bulk so I ask for a discount
CIA offer prices from insurers what we paid 10 years ago
I found that online comparison sites and dealing directly became really expensive , in some case doubling each year

Hi Kayleigh, if you find an insurer that doesn’t make you pay more for the few days it’s empty then charge you £30 for amending premium once your new tenants move in, can you let me know the firm? Many thanks, Sarah.

Probably a bit late to say it now, but you should insure from exchange (if you don’t exchange and complete on the same day), because that is when you are committed to buy the house whether it’s still standing or not.

Hi Cath, I didn’t buy the house, I inherited it and couldn’t possibly put tenants in on day 1. Still looking for an insurance that isn’t through Simply Business.